How Do Fireworks Explode in Specific Shapes

On a warm summer night, you’re stretched out on a blanket in the grass gazing up at the sky. The patriotic sounds of John Philip Sousa’s “The Washington Post” march ring through the air. Overhead, red, white and blue lights dazzle and glow — bursting into shapes like fountains, flowers and flags. It’s Independence Day […]

The Physics Of Fireworks

This Monday marks the 240th anniversary of the United States’ independence from Britain, which is celebrated all across the country with tremendous displays of fireworks. From individual hobbyists to professional installations, fireworks all have the same physics behind them and the same four component stages: the launch, the fuse, the burst charge and the individual stars. Get […]

The Evolution of Fireworks

On America’s first Fourth of July celebration in 1777, fireworks were one color: orange. There were no elaborate sparkles, no red, white, and blue stars — nothing more than a few glorified (although uplifting) explosions in the sky. As it turns out, although we’ve been lighting fireworks for the last 2000 years or so, modern […]

How to Make a Smoke Bomb out of Household Materials

Smoke bombs may look like they contain some serious chemicals, but you can easily make one with ingredients you have lying around the house. You can whip up a smoke bomb with some sugar, a cold pack (the kind that comes in a first aid kit), and some tin foil. Ready to get started? See […]

Homemade Sparklers: How to Make a Sparkler at Home

Sparklers are by far the most readily-available type of fireworks on Earth. They are even found at gas stations and grocery stores during certain parts of the year. For most people, there is always a place nearby to buy sparklers year-round. However, there are still a variety of reasons that someone may be interested in making […]

Guide to Shipping Fireworks in the U.S.

Fireworks are in very high demand year-round in the United States. Everything from sporting events, amusement parks, and national holidays use them. However, due to their volatile nature, shipping fireworks can become extremely challenging. It’s critical that you partner with a trusted carrier to move this volatile commodity from point A to point B. The […]

Container shipping rebounds at Port of Portland after infamous labor dispute

Shipping container traffic through the Port of Portland has roared back over the past three years, a remarkable recovery from an infamous labor dispute that had essentially shut down container traffic at the port. Portland’s container volume was at its highest point last year since 2013, according to port figures, which count the equivalent of […]

Shipping container shortage hits global trade

The costs of shipping goods in containers have risen rapidly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. LONDON — A global shortage of shipping containers is driving a surge in import and export costs that is hitting businesses and threatens to dip into customers’ pockets. A consumer shift away from services to goods, caused by […]