Created new brand, JCL, a hunting and outdoors line


Changed company name from King Bird Fireworks to Twin Fireworks


Created “Open Sesame”


Our first Annual Spring Demo in Frankfort, IN


Peak Performance was founded and began business operations to serve the wholesale & retail consumer fireworks market in USA

2009 & 2012

King Bird awarded Most Influential Top 10 Brands in the Global Fireworks Industry, Most Famous Brands in Jiangxi Province, and Awarded Most Influential Top 10 Management Companies in the Global Fireworks Industry.


Registered the King Bird trademark label in the United States and Asia


Registration of Golden Peak’s first registered logo, then “Jin” brand.


Completed the takeover bid of the “Huang Mao Export Shell Factory”


The “Jiangxi Wanzai Golden Peak Fireworks Corporation” was established.

How Do Fireworks Explode in Specific Shapes

On a warm summer night, you’re stretched out on a blanket in the grass gazing up at the sky. The patriotic sounds of John Philip Sousa’s “The Washington Post” march ring through the air. Overhead, red, white and blue lights dazzle and glow — bursting into shapes like fountains, flowers and flags. It’s Independence Day […]